Medical Grid-system for population research in the field of cardiology with electrocardiogram database.

The topicality of using modern grid-technologies in cardiology can be explained by the fact that cardiovascular diseases are the primary reason of population mortality. The most practical among all courses towards improving efficiency and timeliness of diagnostics of ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction is broad implementation of telemedical diagnostics methods and creation of medical digital registers for ECG analysis. For example, the sole implementation of telemedical electrocardiogram (ECG) consultation in ambulances allows to reduce the period of providing aid from 6 to 2 hours from the moment the pain was detected. The opportunity to dynamically observe ECG signals in time makes ECG diagnostics better as a method.

The grid-project paradigm, which is most similar to the proposed project is "Grid-enabled medical devices, Innovation in eHealth, and the OpenECG network paradigm" (C.E. Chronaki, F. Chiarugi, and M. Reynolds).

The implementation of information technologies for accumulation and intellectual processing of ECG image data in all regions of Ukraine allows to conduct important population research and detect the peculiarities of ECG signal evolution for patients, typical for each region. In turn, the results of this research permit to forecast the quantative and qualitative characteristics of medical aid provision for cardiovascular diseases through all regions, and analyze the necessity for pharmaceutical remedies for those cases. These results will be useful not only for doctors, but for public health serviceproviders and insurance medicine.

 Presentation of the project for the years 2010-2013 can be found here


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